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Updating your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom or any room can be as easy as a new coat of paint. At Feld’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Greencastle and Avon, IN we are here to make updating your home easier than you imagined. Stop by our showroom and check out our featured paint brand, Martin-Senour Paints. We’ve done the research for you and can give you the basic run-down of what to expect when you decide to update your home with a fresh coat of paint on your walls. Below is a list of what is important to consider when you are painting your home.

Before even choosing a color, you’ll want to decide on the sheen of the paint. Sheen is the finish of the paint. High-traffic areas do well with gloss or satin as they hold up better to touching and can be cleaned more easily. But, they can make wall more pronounced. A more matte-like finish will not clean as well or tolerate touches as well, but you won't see imperfections as much.

Try a sample before you commit the whole wall. Sample pints are a great way to see what a paint color really will look like in your home. You would rather spend a few dollars on a sample than invest a lot of money into gallons of paint with a color that won’t work.

Do the math and add more. Add up the square footage of your walls and any alcoves or inlets. You should also account for multiple coats, a primer, and the absorbency of your walls. You’ll want some left over paint for touchups later on. Unless you buy an all-in-one paint and primer, you’ll need to prime your walls if you are drastically changing your wall color.

To learn more about updating your home with paint, be sure to visit our showroom or give us a call!

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