Stain Resistant Carpet Options

Looking for a comfortable yet high-performance carpet for you active lifestyle? Check out your options!

Wondering what the best carpet options are? Now you can take advantage of really great stain resistant carpets that make great carpet for active families. Many of the carpet options are waterproof, kid proof, and pet proof!

Stain Resistant Carpets Available at Feld's!


Is the best of all options because it is a name brand you can trust, providing a variety of moderately priced options and is fully equipped to fit the standards of a household that gets a lot of traffic.

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Known for its fun styles and textures, Tigressa carpet comes in three different styles ranging from soft to the ultimate performing waterproof extension.

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Through technology, Innovia Extreme Clean has many smooth fibers that enable the carpet to prevent liquid penetration and that includes pet accidents.

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Relax, it's... Lees

Another great stain resistant option, Lees provides customers with an unbeatable warrant, has an extremely dense carpet backing called ExtraLoc and 4x the density of ordinary carpet

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